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Project Gallery


Pondless Waterfall & Fire Pit-Columbia City, IN

  Using an 8000 gal/hr pump placed in the preexisting pond, this 70′ waterfall and stream project starts at the base of the owner’s windmill where two waterfall diffusers create splashing waterfalls that settle into a gentle stream with a couple of drops before reentering the pond.  Nestled beside the stream are a fire pit […]

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Stone Patio & Fire Pit-Goshen, IN

        This beautiful and durable natural stone patio, fire pit and patio fountain are situated in Goshen, IN.  Both the 16 x 28 patio and custom fire pit are constructed with super slab flagstone.  The patio is enhanced with a simple urn fountain off to the side. Cost Range: $15,000 – $18,500.

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Bubbling Boulder Fountain-Niles, MI

    Attracting birds near Niles, MI, this 1,800 pound pink granite rock was drilled out and set on top of a 300 gallon water reservoir to create a bubbling boulder fountain.  Hidden under the boulder are eight Aqua Blocks and a pump vault to help create this beautiful and unique landscaping and bird bath. […]

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Urn Fountain in Goshen, IN

This large, stacked slate urn fountain project is a low maintenance, beautiful backyard water feature.  Built in Goshen, IN, this fountain has a 2000 gal/hr pump and sits atop a 98 gallon Aquabasin reservoir.  It includes LED lighting and is surrounded with gravel and a couple of large boulders.  While it attracts  birds and provides […]

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Ecosystem Pond, Middlebury, IN

This two-day project in Middlebury, IN, is an 11 x 16′ pond with 7′ stream and waterfalls built to replace a preexisting, preformed goldfish pond. Surrounded with marginal aquatic plants, this 28″ pond has 15-20 koi fish, underwater LED lighting and a large, flat viewing rock with a ceramic turtle as a relaxing place to […]

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Pondless Waterfall, Fort Wayne, IN

This 12′ pondless waterfall was constructed in Fort Wayne, IN, to replace a small, preformed, plastic fish pond that had water condition and leakage issues.  Removing the old fish pond and starting from scratch, the new project has LED underwater lights and a water reservoir of 200 gallons pumping 5000 gallons per hour.  This low […]

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Pondless Waterfall, Niles, MI

This Niles, MI, project is a 25′ pondless waterfall built to replace a preexisting waterfall.  The basin holds about 300 gallons of water with 6000-8000 gallons of water flow per hour.  The embankment was rather steep with 8′ of elevation change from top to bottom with a slight pooling area at the bottom. Cost Range: […]

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Columbia City Pondless Waterfall

Pondless Waterfall In Columbia City

This 14′ Pondless waterfall in Columbia City, Indiana was built with a 6,000 gallons per hour pump installed with an IonGen®. Various types of stones were used including Tennessee boulders and crushed granite along the edge. The pondless basin holds around 250 gallons of water. Cost Range: $8,000 – $11,000.

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Larimer Greens Goshen Pond & Waterfall Rebuild

Pond & Waterfall Rebuild in Larimer Greens, Goshen

A pond rebuild in Larimer Greens, Goshen. The previous pond design was somewhat dated and had issues with the liner. This new 6′ x 8′ pond with 4′ stream and waterfall was installed with a new liner and can be enjoyed again alongside their patio. Approximate Cost: $6,000

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Fort Wayne Pond & Waterfall

Fort Wayne Pond & Waterfall

A small existing pond in Fort Wayne that had groundwater issues and stones that were falling out of place. The existing koi fish were moved to a tank while the pond was being removed and a new one built. The new enlarged pond was about 14′ x 7′ and 2′ deep. Weathered Tennessee boulders were […]

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Large Pond With Waterfall & Wetland

A large 35′ x 35′ pond with constructed wetland feeding a 20′ stream. A 6000 series BioFalls® creates about a 4ft drop in the waterfall framed in two massive 1200 lb. boulders. This waterfall flows into a smaller pool area that feeds 2 cascading streams that have a combined flow of about 12,000 gallons per […]

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pool converted to pond with stream and waterfall in Wakarusa Indiana

From Pool to Pond & Waterfall

An existing pool in Wakarusa, Indiana that was filled in with dirt and allowed to settle for a year before installing this pond with stream & waterfall. The 8′ x 10′ pond is about 2′ deep and has an 8′ stream with cascading waterfall. Fitted with a 4,000 gallon per hour water pump and accented […]

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Pond and waterfall rebuild in Osceola IN

2 Pond Waterfall Rebuild Osceola IN

An existing 2 ponds and waterfall was at this location but wasn’t properly installed creating problems. The rubber liner was wrapped around the base of some of the trees, suffocating them and was corrected. The complete project was rebuilt with both ponds connected and a deeper stream and has streams from 2 bio waterfalls flowing into it. This design […]

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Patio Stream & Waterfall at Winona Lake

This patio stream & waterfall project is located in Winona Lake, IN and replaced a small pond. The clients choose to replace an existing koi pond with this 10 ft. cascading stream and pondless waterfall along the side of their patio. The goal was to create a quiet and relaxing space suitable for their personal morning […]

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pondless waterfall stream in Bristol Indiana

26 Ft. Pondless Waterfall Bristol, IN

This is a pondless waterfall & stream located in Bristol, Indiana. It’s an approximate 26 ft. cascading stream and waterfall with an elevation change of 7 ft.  About 7000 gallons per hour flowing into a 350 gallon basin at the bottom that recirculates. This project has led lights installed. Cost Range: $12,000 – $16,000.

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Water Pump Fountain Pond

Water Pump Fountain Pond

  A beautiful pond near Middlebury, IN Cost Range: $

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