Close your eyes and picture your favorite place. Maybe you see a dream vacation spot, your old homeplace, or a favorite hiking destination.

Chances are, you pictured water in some way. Besides needing it every day for survival, being near water soothes our souls, calms our minds and relaxes our bodies. And nothing is more rewarding after a hard day than spending a summer evening drifting off to sleep to the cool sounds of water bubbling away next to your favorite chair.

Patio Fountains are a great way to bring these healing benefits of water into your life.

A fountain can provide a stunning highlight to the front entrance of your home or draw visitors into your showcase garden. After all, who can resist getting closer to a fountain?

vase-patio-base-fountain-brdrA fountainscape designed with a lighted fountain on a bed of multicolored stones, and a selection of beautiful potted flowers nearby, is a creative way to enhance a small backyard.

If you want more simplicity, both in design and maintenance, a stand-alone fountain is self-contained, requiring no pond, and very little space. Like tabletop fountains, you just choose your favorite style, set it in place and plug it in. Although a larger stand-alone fountains may require a bit of assembly, it is quick and easy.

However you express your creativity in choosing just the right fountain and setting, it will help make the healing properties of water an essential part of your home and lifestyle.


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