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Spring pond cleanout service

Spring cleaning for your pond or other water feature is an important step and will help eliminate a lot of problems throughout the year.

You perform this clean-out before your water garden completely emerges from it's winter dormancy, before the water temperature rises above 55° F. Warmer water can allow bacteria colonies to form and throw off the balance of your ecosystem.

You can find more details on the process below, or contact us to schedule a cleanout for you.

Supplies To Start Clean-out

  • 25' discharge hose with spray nozzle & clean-out pump
  • Trimming shears for plants
  • A container to hold fish with netting to cover top
  • Garbage bag to hold leaves and debris
  • A fine mesh fishing net
  • Aquascape Pond Detoxifier from our Pond Supply store
  • Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria also available in our supply store.