Waterfall Pond & Barrel Pump

Pumps For Ponds & Waterfalls

Here at Premiere Aquascapes, we know ponds.

We also know that nothing ruins the charm of a relaxing pond and waterfall feature more than constant maintenance and repairs to the equipment.

We know the pump is one of the most important equipment elements for your water garden. It is the heart of the pond, circulating water to the filter and keeping the pond environment healthy is very important. Because the pump runs constantly it must be both dependable and energy efficient.

The pump we install for you will be properly sized based on the size of your pond, the height or head of your waterfall, the size of the spillway back into the pond, and the distance and size of pipes used. Every pump has a BEP (Best Efficiency Point) at which the energy used and the life span of the pump is maximized.


Pump models can vary as much as the applications that use them. High efficiency models, pumps that can handle larger debris and solids, and pumps with built-in fountains made to be submerged in a pond, are just a few of the pump options available. Some are designed for fountains and others for pondless waterfalls. Each has it's own advantages and trade-offs.

You Don't Have To Become An Expert on Pumps
You only need to know who to call. We have been serving the Michiana area, Elkhart, St. Joseph, LaGrange and surrounding counties for many years and will be glad to help you solve your current pump problems.
Your backyard pond should be a place you can enjoy without worry. Premiere Aquascapes can bring you the enchanted garden area you've been wanting. It's time to relax, and let the backyard pond pros do the work.