If you want a bit larger water feature for your yard, an ecosystem pond may be what you’re looking for. Backyard ecosystem ponds are as unique as their owners, and their variety is enjoyed by people of all walks and stages of life.

A larger stream or an entire pond ecosystem with wetland plants and fish provides not only the relaxing elements of water but also helps to restore some of nature's habitat for those animals who have been pushed aside by suburbia. Feeding the fish and the joy of watching the plants grow and change with the seasons are added attractions that an ecosystem pond has to offer.


Adding a splash area to a stream, waterfall or pond is also an option to include children in the fun of a backyard water feature. Or, maybe a simple pond with a diving board or slide is all it takes to turn your backyard into everyone's favorite spot for those hot summer days.

Whether you are retired, busy raising a family or just starting out on your own, a backyard pond combined with your personal touch is waiting for you. Just call Premiere Aquascapes, Inc., to get started! And don’t worry about maintenance, Premier Aquascapes can handle that as well.