Myths About Ponds And Water Gardens


1. The Quality of Pond Water

Everyone has heard the myths about mastering the technical aspects of water gardening, but don’t let them keep you from exploring your options when it comes to adding a beautiful pond or water garden to your home. Let's dig into a few facts regarding maintaining your own pond or water garden and dispel some myths.

Some common myths about keeping your water feature in top condition include:

  • Testing the quality of the pond water
  • Water filtration
  • Maintenance

First, the question can arise about the quality of the water in your pond and whether it should be tested. Considering that ponds in nature are never tested to ensure good quality, it stands to reason that if your pond is designed and built in a way that parallels how ponds function in nature, your pond water will not need to be tested either.

Additionally, rocks and gravel help provide a place for beneficial bacteria to live, and those bacteria will naturally keep your pond water clean and clear without sludge buildup. They work with you, not against you, to keep your pond clean.

By designing a pond or water garden to mirror the ecosystem of natural ponds, you also eliminate the need for UV clarifying lights. Although these lights do keep your pond water clear, they do so artificially, which adds to costs and maintenance. If your pond is naturally balanced and well designed, you will not need UV lights at all.

2. Water Filtration

The details of water filtration can also be a concern, including whether or not to filter and how often. It is good to filter your pond water with no more than an annual draining and cleaning.

If filter pads in your skimmer are too tight, they will pick up the smallest debris, causing you to need to clean out the filtering system excessively.

Water clarity is right on track if you can see a dime on the bottom of your pond.

This level of clarity is healthy for any fish in your pond, and if you filter more often, you can create more problems rather than prevent them.

3. Maintenance

Some people avoid ponds and water gardening because of the potential for problems or because they think they require too much maintenance. Maybe another pond owner has complained about their issues, or maybe you don't feel adequate to maintain your pond or fix a problem that may arise.

Life happens and problems occur. But that's okay, because Premiere Aquascapes has the experts, experience, and ability to service your pond or water garden for you.

Furthermore, we can teach you to maintain your own pond and will offer occasional support when you need it.

By trusting Premiere Aquascapes with your pond or water garden project, potential problems are prevented by great design and planning. But when life happens, we are there to fix the problem and get you back to enjoying your beautiful, relaxing pond or water garden.


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