People are simply drawn to water. The movement of the water, the sound of it rippling over stones, a waterfall or even a fountain, seems to have a mesmerizing effect on people.

Restaurants have long understood the effectiveness in setting an atmosphere with a water feature or even an indoor water fountain. A well designed landscape and water garden will set you apart from the competition.

Whether it is an elaborate pondless waterfall by an outside seating area or a simple fountain setting on the inside of the restaurant, it will make your establishment a mainstay in the community.

Water difference - It is also well established that people are drawn to gathering areas and seating benches in courtyards, and many downtowns are creating gathering areas for people to sit and escape from the hustle and bustle. Adding a small water feature to these areas makes them even more atrractive and relaxing.

"My wife’s station had a pond and they got a lot of feedback from it so we put one at my station.
Customers have commented on it and people that come out on weekends stop and take photos.
It’s beautiful and definitely attracts business. I highly recommend it!"

~ Gary Ornstein,
Gary’s Exxon, Holtsville, NY


Residential Developments are continuously expanding and there is a need for a dramatic entrance to showcase the lifestyle desired by potential home buyers. Owners are looking for added amenities like walking trails and park-like settings. Most developments also require some storm water management. A cascading waterfall and landscape pond can satisfy multiple project needs, and look great doing it!