Landscape fountains, also called fountainscapes, are smaller water features that bring the inviting sights and sounds of running water to your home, yard or garden. They can be a focal spot in your backyard, add beauty to your deck, enhance a garden walkway or welcome friends at your front door.

vase-landscape-water-fountainWhile ponds, streams and waterfalls are beautiful and have their own benefits, many homeowners want less fuss, have less space to work with and may want a more budget-friendly water feature for their home. If this sounds like you, a landscape fountain may be your answer!


Fountainscapes sit on a reservoir of water, which is pumped up through the fountain, then overflows and cascades back down into the reservoir to begin the cycle again.

A fountainscape requires minimal maintenance, and set up can be a DIY project accomplished in a few hours or a service provided by the experts at Premiere Aquascapes. Call them today or stop and visit to explore the many fountainscape options available.

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