Landscape fountains, also called fountainscapes, are smaller water features that bring the inviting sight and sound of running water to your home, yard or garden.  They can be a focal spot in your backyard, add beauty to your deck, enhance a garden walkway or welcome friends at your front door.
vase-landscape-water-fountain   While ponds, streams and waterfalls are beautiful and have their own benefits, many homeowners want less fuss, have less space to work with and may want a more budget-friendly water feature for their home.  If this sounds like you, a landscape fountain may be your answer!


Fountainscapes sit on a reservoir of water, the AquaBasin, and pump water up through the fountain, which then overflows and cascades back down into the reservoir and continuously recirculates the water.

There is minimal maintenance, and set up can be a DIY project accomplished in a few hours or a service provided by the experts at Premiere Aquascapes, Inc.  Call them today or stop and visit to explore the many fountainscape options available.

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